Embankment stairs



Stair construction – made easy. CTS embankment stairs do not require any expensive concrete foundation and thus also no heavy construction machinery. This means that the time-consuming and costly closure of railway tracks is not necessary, as per the operating and building instructions of Deutsche Bahn.

Only one safety coordinator needs to be put in place for the work in accordance with accident prevention regulations. Earthing is not necessary due to the insulation properties of GRP. High slip resistance (R13) and the availability of signal colour design allow for further accident prevention.

A substructure made of GRP construction profiles is used in accordance with EN13706-E23 for quick installation on site. In contrast to steel elements, these ensure a long and safe service life. GRP stairs are extremely corrosion-resistant and therefore require only minimal maintenance and service costs, thus making them more cost-effective than steel stairs.

Other applications in the field of rail infrastructure:


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