GRP railings are made from glass fibre reinforced plastic profiles. They are resistant to corrosion and media and can be installed quickly and simply on site. The side railing is the prototype-approved CTS standard railing certified by TÜV Nord. It has the most cost-efficient design and is used in a wide range of areas. The knee rail can be made from a GRP tube or angle section in a single or double version. In the case of a crossbar railing, the cross bars are made from GRP round tubes. 

The different railings are fixed to the ground using special railing bases, which, depending on requirements, may be made from GRP or metallic materials. The railings may also be attached directly to the structure or to the GRP substructure. Removable rails offer another alternative.

GRP posts can be cut into lengths and fitted with drill holes for the knee rail ex works. The railing sections are supplied in lengths of 6 metres. All elements are available in the standard colours of signal yellow (RAL1003) and grey (RAL 7035).

The safety railings are installed quickly and cost-effectively by CTS. However, on request, they can also be supplied pre-assembled for self-installation.

CTS features following railing types:

Typ horizontal load posts (mm) handrail (mm) post spacing (mm)
50 500 Nm 50x50x5 60x60x5 max. 1.500
60 800 Nm 60x60x4,5 70x70x5 max. 1.200
75 1.000 Nm 75x75x6 85x85x5 max 1.000