GRP ladders are particularly used in areas where a high level of corrosion and chemical resistance is required. They are manufactured using pultruded GRP profiles and designed so that they can meet even the highest safety demands.

With a climbing height of three metres and above, the ladders are equipped with a safety cage for fall protection, which is made from special GRP moulded components and GRP profiles. With a climbing height of more than six metres, rest platforms made entirely from GRP are also installed. The substructure is made of GRP construction profiles in accordance with EN13706-E23, while GRP gratings with high slip resistance (R13) are used as surface treads. GRP railings with knee and foot rails ensure the required level of all-round protection.

The GRP ladder RS TYP CTS 2010-08 is manufactured according to EN 14122-4, tested according to EN 14122-4 and EN 131-2 and certified by TÜV NORD. 

Unlike with aluminium or steel, the modular design and light weight of the CTS ladders enable quick and cost-efficient installation on site.


Ladder length customer specifications
clear width 490 mm
Sprossendurchmessser 38 mm
Sprossenabstand 225 – 300 mm
Inner diameter back protection ca. 700 mm
Distance back protection ca. 800 mm
Distance ladder rack bis 2200 mm
Lenght ladder rack bis 320 mm