Light as plastic - strong as steel

Forget corrosion problems now – find out about a material that provides high resilience and a long lifetime and can be used for construction solutions that were previously unheard of. We supply complex constructions and grating systems in GRP (glass reinforced polyester)



Advantages of GRP

  • High rigidity but low weight
  • Electrical insulation properties
  • No earthing required
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Certified constructions approved
  • Simple processing
  • Minimum care and maintenance required

 Plant manufacturing

Glasfaserverstärkter Kunststoff ist so stark und stabil wie Stahl, dabei extrem leicht und rostfrei. Deshalb werden viele rostende Stahlkonstruktionen durch den fortschrittlichen Baustoff GFK ersetzt.

Wartungsarme Steganlage aus GFK. Korrosionsfrei und leicht zu reinigen.

 GRP gratings for jetties

GRP gratings are increasingly replacing conventional materials such as wood in hydraulic construction. From the North Sea and the Baltic Sea to internal waterways, marinas are increasingly turning to the innovative materials from CTS.

 Rail infrastructure

Safety comes first in railway construction. This is why our construction profiles and grating systems approved by the Federal Railway Authority and installed in accordance with the technical note TM2010-354 are used.

 Laminates and coatings

The durable, waterproof GRP coatings are ideally suited for settling basins, swimming pools or industrial floor coatings, as they are hygienic, smooth and easy to clean.


Designers and architects have also discovered the benefits of glass fibre reinforced plastic. They use the sheets and gratings to implement new ideas, such as in the exceptional cladding of building fronts, for example.

 Wind energy and offshore

A special type of strength is needed to cope with the power of the wind. To meet the high material requirements, GRP semi-finished materials are being increasingly used both onshore and offshore.