Multilayered application areas

CTS coatings meet all the requirements that may arise for a coating. They are durable, resilient, waterproof, easy to clean, hygienic, smooth and seamless. They consist of glass fibre mats and resin and are applied in multiple coats, whereby the resin can be dyed according to the customer's wishes.

The areas of application for GRP coatings are accordingly diverse – from the concrete refurbishment of settling basins in purification plants and the lining of swimming pools to the coating floors in the chemicals and food industries.


Concrete refurbishment

Ageing settling basins in purification plants were completely renovated with a GRP coating.  The coating prevents water from soaking into the ground through the crumbling concrete.

Due to the new surface structure, the basin can now be cleaned much more easily and thoroughly than before.

Refurbishment of swimming pools

any swimming pools, particularly outdoor swimming pools, date back to the 1970s and have coats containing PCB. Maintenance work and weather effects increasingly cause the paint to flake and thus get into the environment. The material which is thought to be carcinogenic may then pose a serious risk for children in particular. It is also non-biodegradable.

As a result, swimming pool operators are increasingly choosing to refurbish their swimming pools. And since a reconstruction is almost never considered due to time and cost constraints, CTS represents a cost-efficient, durable and safe alternative here. With our many years of experience, we are able to refurbish a swimming pool with a GRP coating within a short space of time.

For example, CTS can fully remove the coating from an approx. 1,000m² swimming pool and equip it with a GRP coating within just four working days. There will be no more flaking in this case, and annual maintenance costs are reduced to a minimum – an effect that will last for decades.

Floor coatings

The major challenges involved in the design of floor coatings in manufacturing facilities generally lie in production areas with high hygiene demands. Here there are strict health and safety requirements, including in relation to slip resistance. In addition, the coating must be able to withstand extreme mechanical, chemical and thermal stress. There is only one real solution to all of these demands – GRP.